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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Press Release from Fondazione Hilarescere

December 1, 2010 at 1:40pm

Dr. Zamboni has stepped down as lead investigator from the Italian MS Society's (AISM) proposed epidemiological study of CCSVI.  He has stated many times that this group is not following his methodology of testing.

Here is a new press release on this topic---

Who is Responsible for the current problems?

November 20, 2010
The Hilarescere Foundation and its scientific committee chaired by Prof. Paolo Zamboni have always clearly warned that the diagnosis and therapy of CCSVI cannot be improvised. The papers published have underscored the extreme importance of the learning curve required to manage both aspects in an ethically sound manner. 

This very seriousness that must be guaranteed to patients both scientifically and in terms of the methodology adopted has led Prof. Zamboni and Dr. Salvi to make painful choices, among which the decision to resign from the FISM/AISM study after having devoted time to it and made a series of proposals that have gone unheeded because said study has proven to be inadequate to achieve the set goal. It is a study that is all but a comparison with the "Zamboni method", since its basic principles have been neglected. All too often and misleadingly the FISM/AISM epidemiological study is referred to as a study promoted by Prof. Zamboni. However, for the aforementioned reasons he has clearly and consistently kept a due distance from it. 

Great concern has been clearly expressed in the Foundation's website and it has been stressed in every interview that CCSVI interventions are spreading and that these do not follow approved protocols that ethically ensure patient safety. The Foundation rejects clinical activities that prey on the desperation of patients to generate forms of medical tourism that offer absolutely no guarantee of quality to patients. Unfortunately, it is obvious that all this leads to extremely painful situations. We cannot offend people's suffering by exploiting it. It is absolutely shameful. This is still the time of studies and research; diagnosis and treatment must be managed within this framework with all the necessary guarantees. When carried out correctly, the treatment is mini-invasive and has an excellent level of safety as proven by many international experiences and articles.

Anything outside of this framework is wrong. But it must also serve as a stern warning for all those who do not heed the legitimate expectations of patients frustrating them with slow, all too slow studies that are blatantly inadequate. 

 Press Office
Francesca Rossini - Laboratorio delle Parole
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